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Textile Pattern & Print Design

by Artist & Designer Brianna Lamar



I offer freelance print design services for start-up and established fashion companies including T-Shirt Graphics and Textile Patterns.

I have experience working in Mens, Womens and Kids.

I can do conversationals, florals, geometrics, coordinates, camouflage, stripes, two-way, allover, half-drop, etc.

I specialize in hand-drawn, painted or lino-cut printed artwork.  I also create precise vector-based geometric artwork.


What I offer to my clients:  I will collaborate with you to create designs for a collection based on a general direction or theme.  I will come up with a range of rough sketches for you to pick and choose from, and from there I will develop the artwork and make adjustments until a beautiful and cohesive collection is achieved.

OR if you already have a very specific design idea in mind, I will render artwork according to your request.  I will deliver in digital format print-ready designs with color-separated files and/or in full repeat as needed.

Need Flats? I can also create precise flat drawings in Adobe Illustrator for your fashion designs.

Contact me for rates and/or a quote at:  haus@briannalamar.com

See examples of art and designs at http://www.lucidlush.net/gallery


Quotes from my clients:

“You’re amazing! We love this!”
“YES! That is Gorgeous!! Thank you!!! Its perfect.”
“How do you nail these things so consistently? It’s absolutely perfect for us to work with. It truly looks fantastic, thank you!”
“I’m really digging your style! It’s a breath of fresh air to be honest and I like the artistic nature of it!! “
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